PSLR N - Low power pulse power supplies

Pulse power supplies are specially designed for residential and office applications. They’re used to installation in typical switchgears because of modular housing and TH-35 bus holder. Aesthetic housing with a springy handle, made of self-extinguishing plastic, allows for easy installation.

PSLR N are made in insulation class II, protection grade IP20, max. ambient temperature 40°C.  The availability of 12VDC and 24VDC voltages allows the use of power supplies to power various industrial automation devices. The power supplies have shortcircuit, overload and overvoltage protections. They are made in compliance with the safety standard EN61558-2-16 and the magnetic
compatibility standard EN61000-4-22,3,4,5,6,8,11.

Power: 20; 30W
Rated voltage PRI: 90-264V AC 47/63Hz ; 145-270V DC
Rated voltage SEC: 12; 24V DC +-5%
Efficiency: 82 – 86% (typical)


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