Portable transformer for polystyrene cutting is designed to provide the user with the possibility of convenient and precise temperature control of the cutting wire while guaranteeing full safety. The high degree of protection (IP44) ensures that the transformer is splashproof.
The wide adjustment range from 20V to 28V allows to eliminate the negative impact of ambient temperature changes on the working temperature of the cutting wire. The regulation is carried out by 5-position switch with a 2V stroke.

easy-to-use automatic fuse,
ergonomic, compact design,
comfortable and durable carrying handle,
durable, professional power cord,
power supply indication of the cutting wire with illuminated switch,
comfortable socket for quick connection of cutting wire,
plug included in the set.

Supply voltage: 230V
Adjustable output voltage: 20V – 22V – 24V – 26V – 28V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power: 250W – max 9A


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