AREX, AREX/I, AREX/A - Electronic regulators with 0-10VDC, 0-20mA or MODBUS protocol (RegiSoft program)

AREX regulator is microcontroller based, thyristor  stepless speed regulator for fans with AC motor. The control is done automatically with 0-10VDC signal (AREX), 0-20mA signal (AREX/I) or MODBUS protocol (AREX/A, possibility of controlling up to 247 regulators by dedicated software – SCADA or BMS). The control is carried out using the phase method.

AREX regulators have KickStart function implemented which consist on driving maximum voltage to the output for first 10 seconds of device running . It allows for certain start of motor from off-state. By applying internal DC power supply for control unit and set of optoisolators, galvanic isolation at level of 4kV is achieved, what significantly improves safety.

Power supply: 230V AC 50Hz
Output current: 5A, 7A, 10A
Control: controlled by 0-10VDC signal, 0-20mA signal or MODBUS protocol
Range of output voltage: 105-230V (±5%)

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